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We have a range of section maintenance services to help keep your lifestyle property looking great! The multi-tool we use makes light work of those lifestyle maintenance jobs including site clearing, excavation, hedge trimming, post hole auger, trenching, stump grinding, mulch spreading, and more. To see some of our recent work and to stay up to date with updates on the services we are offering, head over to our Facebook page. We look forward to providing quality lifestyle section maintenance services for you!

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Site Clearing/ Excavation

Whether it’s for a new house or a back lawn, we can clear dirt, rubbish, concrete or vegitation from your back yard or your new pad.

Hedge Trimming

Built specifically for this machine, this hedge trimmer allows us to do a great job of those hedges / shrubs / out-of-control greenery. Our smaller size multi tool means hedges up to 4m for a side trim or 2.5m for a top can be done cleanly without the larger shelterbelt trimmers which are often required.

Post Hole Auger

Fence posts
Deck posts
Ideal for piles and retaining walls
300, 450 and 600 gauge



The narrow multi-tool allows access to tight spots, with a range of attachments to suit your job. Like the trencher above, for all your trench digging needs.

150mm wide – perfect for your most common jobs like installing services.

Stump Grinding

Our hydraulically powered stump grinder is a great tool for landscaping and forestry work. This unit hydraulically sweeps side to side effectively grinding the stump as deeply underground as needed.

Stump Grinding During

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